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September 23 2013


5 reasons prepaid phones suck

One of the biggest choices anyone has to make while getting a cell phone is whether they want a prepaid or a postpaid connection. It is true that both types of connections have their pros and cons. Let's go through all the disadvantages of prepaid cell phones

1. Price 

Most prepaid cell phone services tend to become very expensive not because of the service but because of the fact that you need to purchase a device for yourself as well. If you want a new cell phone along with your prepaid cell phone service, you will have to pay the full value of the new phone up front. Only then will you be able to gain the benefits of monthly prepaid plans. But, since you have to pay the full value of your cell phone right in the beginning, this service becomes very expensive since most postpaid services allow you to pay for your phone over a period of time. 

2. Call/Text Costs 

With prepaid cell phone services, you have to pay per minute. This works out to be more expensive than most postpaid plans. And if you are one of those people that can't do anything without their cell phone and have a prepaid "pay as you go" plan, you'll be paying a lot more per minute than if you had a postpaid plan. If you're a heavy user, it's best for you to get a postpaid plan or if you really want prepaid, get an unlimited prepaid plan which offers unlimited calls and texts. But, this is going to cost a lot. 

3. Internet 

The problem here is quite the same as with calls and texts. If you tend to use too much internet data on your cell phone, you will end up paying a lot in per MB usage charges. Even something as simple as surfing the internet will prove to be expensive for you. And if you exceed the monthly amount of data usage allotted to you, your service provider will even suspend your service since you have crossed your limit. You could go for unlimited plans but then again, that would cost too much. 

4. Service 

Most of the prepaid cell phone service providers aren’t mobile virtual network operators. This means that they rent service from some of the other, well known providers, like AT&T, H2O Wireless, Verizon and T-Mobile. These companies then further lease their services to subscribers like you and me at cheap rates. The only drawback here is that prepaid service providers have no control over down time or anything else to do with their service. And in terms of customer support, prepaid service providers are known to be the worst. 

5. Recharge 

If you do not recharge your cell phone before your minutes run out, you run the risk of losing your cell number all together. This is quite dangerous as you may be out of the city and not be able to recharge your cell phone. And when you get back, you will find that your number is now being used by someone else. Are you sure you want to use a prepaid service?

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